Moving Violationz Group

The Moving Violationz Group promotes all aspects of Motorsports, be it Offroading, Watersports or Motorcycling & the lifestyles of those involved with. The group is the parent administration for the Moving Violationz Website, the Moving Violationz Crew and motorsports promotion related activities within Underground Worx Companies.

Moving Violationz Enthusiasts

The Moving Violationz Crew and other area motorcycle riders are often out keeping tabs on backroads having fun dragging knees, practicing stunts, and showing their machines to the fans while keeping up with the trends in the show & street scenes at social gatherings. While raising interest and awareness in motorcycling and motorsports, they also assist with promoting the Moving Violationz Group & Underground Worx Companies, and contributing media & content from their outings and events for inclusion in Moving Violationz Group controlled web sites.

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Underground Worx Companies proudly supports the SMCGAoA, and provides contribution by donating all internet services free of charge.

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